Only one child from the UK could take part in the first Zero-G flight for children with disabilities and Happy Days Children’s Charity approached Lincolnshire Wolds Federation (LWF) to offer one of their students this amazing opportunity. 

In his first trip outside of the UK, Josh Priestly was the lucky boy chosen for an adventure of a lifetime; two days being mentored by astronaut, Tim Peake for a series of flights in the Zero-G plane in Bordeaux, France.

Organised by the European Space Agency (ESA) and Reves de Gosse, the opportunity for children with disabilities to perform scientific demonstrations and experiments in zero and micro gravity was realised on the 24th August.

In total 8 children and 2 adults were chosen from 5 EU countries as part of the “Kid’s weightless dreams” campaign.  Josh, who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, was the only person from the UK to be awarded this special experience.

Over the two hour flight and 15 parabolas [dives], Josh really mastered the art of moving through the plane, diving from one end to the other and even performing somersaults.

Tracey Priestly, Josh’s mum said “An experience we will never forget… with Tim Peake throwing him around the aircraft and sitting him on the roof upside down.  The whole trip was inspiring and we will be forever grateful to those who made it happen.”


General experience video

Video of Josh with Tim Peake during flight

Did You Know? International Space Week runs from 4th to 10th October.


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