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Where We Are...


It's been almost a year since the Coronavirus lockdown, and it's been an incredibly difficult time for so many people. At Happy Days we've adapted, been creative and done everything we can to continue running activities for amazing children, giving them vital and safe support with special days and something to look forward to at a time when the world got a little more scary. 

With lockdown restrictions and limited funding, it hasn't been easy. We haven't been able to support the same number of children that we normally would and apologies to the SEND groups and families who we're still trying to help. We promise we'll get there.

Despite this, we're proud to have continued operating throughout the pandemic, to have set up the Covid Family Support Fund to give extra help to affected children, and to have given over 7,000 children happiness and hope with special days and activities since the first lockdown last March.

Where We're Going...

Now, as an exit plan begins to take shape, we're again starting to look to the future with some serious plans for fun and adventures on the horizon!


As we all start to feel optimistic about the possibilty of a holiday, a trip to the cinema, a meal out, a day at the seaside or simply spending precious time with our families and loved ones again, we want to make sure that some of the most isolated and vulnerable children in our society don't get left behind and have something to look forward to as well.

How You Can Help...


So as we start to plan to come out of lockdown and looking ahead to Summer, we want to make sure that children once again have the chance to escape isolation, get out, make new friends, develop new skills and build confidence in the face of adversity. More than ever before children need our support, yet also more than ever before we ALL now understand the impact that barriers can have in limiting our ability to live life. But this is where you can help make a difference.

Whether you're someone that has helped us in the past, reads our posts from time to time, an avid supporter, someone that's just stumbled across us, young or old or in-between, we want to try and find 100 people or companies who will try and raise £100 or more by the end of July so that this summer we can throw back the curtains and bring some sunshine, happiness and hope back into children's lives right across the UK.

However you're able to do this, we'd be immensely grateful for your help. If you'd like to be involved or would like to chat more about the 100 Appeal, give Rob or Nicky a call on 01462 530710 or email campaigns@happydayscharity.org

As people sign up, we'll publish details of The 100 below and how they're helping.


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