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Welcome and thank you for choosing to support Happy Days!


Hello and thanks for dropping by,

Over the last 25 years, Happy Days has provided day trips and short breaks to some of the UK's most vulnerable families. Last year, we supported over 20,000 children with mental and physical disabilities, life limiting conditions, children who have been abused and young carers. We support both families and groups, and are proud to be there to support other charities such as local hospices and women's refuges, to name but a few. And what a difference a day makes.


But we need your support to continue our vital work.


Every day we rely on the efforts of amazing people like you, who volunteer, take part in challenges, organise events and help support our work by deciding to stand up and make a difference to sick and vulnerable children across the UK.


We receive no government funding and genuinely couldn’t do what we do without your help, so a huge thank you from us all.

We can help support a child with a trip, which brings hope and joy to them and their families, for as little as £10. So every penny really does make a difference and we appreciate each and every one of our supporters both big and small.

We’ve included lots of helpful information and downloadable resources on the website, so whatever you're planning to do to support us, hopefully there'll be an option for you. Check out our A - Z Fundraising Guide below if you need some ideas to get you started.

But if you need any further help, please do drop us a line on 01462 530710 or email , we'd love to hear from you.

Best wishes from us all for now!

Rob. Nicky & Suffia

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