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Doug, Brent and Gary from Worldpay FIS really wanted to volunteer some of their time to help out, so we arranged for them to spend the day at one of our partner SEND schools in Milton Keynes. 


The guys took on the task clearing and rejuvenating a woodland and pond area, giving the children a fantastic camping, wildlife and outdoor adventure space that will benefit them all year round!  


We're an Events Agency so this has been quite different for us, but it's been awesome.

I think you can see, just changing [the children's] environment and seeing the wider world that's out there is a great opportunity.

So if we can be a part of helping out with that and supporting it, that's great for us and great for the kids.

Sarah Yeats, Client Services Director



We were delighted to work in Partnership with Happy Days Children’s Charity.


Their respite breaks and workshops offer a window of fun, family time and escape away from a life of neglect, abuse, domestic violence, illness and bereavement.

In Partnership, we are stronger, supporting each other in the alleviation of suffering of our children.


Together, we make this world a brighter, safer place.

2019-09-16 16.02.58-1.jpg

It's been great working with Happy Days.

All of us want to get more involved and do what we can to help.

It's been really interesting learning about the children and how the activities support them and we love what Happy Days does!

It's been fantastic and we're looking forward to working with them much more in the future.

Amy Humpage

Marks & Spencer St Albans

What an amazing charity! I have worked with Happy Days and helped them raise money for them over the last couple of years.

The way Happy Days excels where other charities fail is giving you feedback on the funds you have raised for them. Not only do they let you know what good your fundraising has done, but they seem to get so much value out of the money and help loads of children.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Brad Bishop, Director

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We wanted to support children in our community and working with Happy Days has been an amazing experience.

They also arranged a volunteering day for staff, I've never worked with kids in this capacity before, it's been very rewarding.

What Happy Days does is truly inspirational... and the amount of people that they've impacted is absolutely wonderful.

Grant Taute, IT Manager

Signature Flight Support

It was really special to see the difference the money that RAG raised for Happy Days made to the children.


Sometimes we forget that when we buy a ticket to the Zombie Apocalypse, or when we buy tickets to the fireworks for ourselves and our housemates, the money spent actually makes a real difference to real individuals’ lives.


So to see that in action today was inspiring.

Eve Alcock, Chair of RAG

University of Bath

As part of our NCS course, we organised lots of fundraising activities and had loads of help and advice from Happy Days.


Our fete had a penalty shootout, hair braiding, temporary tattoos, henna, name the rabbit, a tombola and a raffle, as well as cakes and drinks, and Rob and Nicky were on hand to support us throughout.


It was really great to have the option to support local kids and make a difference in our community.

Izzy Davies, Huntingdon Team Q

National Citizen Service Graduate

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