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Leaving a Legacy in Memory of a Loved One

Create an In Memory Page for Now, and the Future...

Supporters who want to raise funds in memory of a loved one can now set up a JustGiving In Memory Page.


In Memory Pages are similar to a standard fundraising page, allowing you to share a personalised page and collect donations, but has no end date. So the page stays active indefinitely and remains a lasting legacy.


Because of this, you can continue to fundraise in the future using the same page should you wish to.


How to Create Your Page

1) Go to and click on fundraise for us box in the top right corner


2) If you're not already signed up to JustGiving, complete your registration details by clicking Sign Up. If you are already registered, log in.


3) On the "What are You Doing?" screen, select Remembering Someone


4) Complete the details of the person you are setting up an In Memory page for. A web address will be automatically created, but you can customise this by typing in your own - please note this cannot be changed once you click on Create Your Page. 


5) Once you click on Create Your Page, your page will be created and you can add things like photos or your own wording.


You can now email the web address to family and friends should they wish to contribute.


You can edit the page and change text and images at any point should you choose to update it from time to time.

You can also create a QR code for the page, should you wish to add them to a Memorial or Service of Thanks programme. This will allow guests to scan and donate using their phones, without the need for the web address.   

2023-05-15 14.53.04.jpg

If you're not particularly IT confident, have any questions, need any help or would like us to create a page for you, please do feel free to give Rob a call on 01462 530710 or email - we're always here to help.

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