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Set up by three mums in 1992, Happy Days Children's Charity helps families and groups by organising and funding special days and holidays such as trips to the seaside, theatres, zoos, museums, outdoor activity centres, sporting events and other educational and cultural activities for children in the UK living with mental, physical and emotional difficulties.

With your help, we were able to support almost 25,000 children with additional needs last year, removing barriers to give them a chance to get out, make new friends, develop new skills and build confidence in the face of adversity.

As well as helping individual families, we also to offer our support to hundreds of groups such as SEN schools and arrange special days for other charities including children’s hospitals, women’s refuges and victim support services, to name just a few.


It's your kind donations of time and money that make this possible and we're grateful for any support you can give.

​Together we're making a difference, one day at a time...

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30 December - What a Difference Our Secret Santas Made!

A huge thank you to all of our Secret Santas who helped raise over £25K to create special festive days and New Year activities for 1000's of amazing children - click here to see...

Some of the Videos & Photos from the Children You Helped

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14 October - Operation Secret Santa Returns

Our annual Christmas fundraising campaign returns to bring Xmas joy back home. There are even more ways you can help out this year so sign up, suit up and let's get ready to Santa!

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Sports Facility

20 September - New Challenge Events Portfolio

We're thrilled to have partnered up with Run For Charity to give our supporters access to Charity Places at over 100 national and local events across the UK in 2022 and beyond.

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15 August - More Socially Distanced Special Days!

We're so pleased to have organised a special drive in cinema day for over 200 children in Ballymena, Northern Ireland with the help of our friends at

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Living with a Jude - A Mum's Journey...

Happy Days Children's Charity UK Childrens Charity

Author Alice Soule blogs about her experiences of bringing up her son Jude, who has severe learning disabilities

Her book and blog "Living with a Jude" aims to support families in a similar situation, and to provide others with an insight into the life of a family affected by austism. Read More

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We believe that ALL children deserve the opportunity to experience life, whatever their circumstances. We aim to remove barriers and work with children to help  them develop skills and confidence with  our holidays and activities.


There are lots of ways that you can help us support courageous children in your community. Choose to make a difference today. Just pick up the phone or drop us an email, we'd love to hear from you and welcome whatever help you can give.

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Interested in becoming a Happy Days corporate supporter? Contact Rob Cox on 01462 530710 or email

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