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Take on a personal challenge and help bring some happiness and hope to amazing children!


Personal walking, running and hiking challenges are a great way to have fun, keep fit and improve your state of mind, and you can do them whenever and wherever you want.


So why not get involved with our My 5K’s for Happy Days and get outside for a breath of fresh air in your own time whilst also supporting children experiencing difficulties in their lives.

Plus raise £20 or more and we'll send you a FREE double sided Happy Days T-Shirt as a thank you!

How You Can Help

Simply find yourself a 5K route or routes! This could be in your back garden, your local town or village or further afield.


Get out and about and start raising sponsorship with as many or as few 5K’s as you can do.You can download sponsor forms to share with your social bubble, or set up a personal sponsorship page via our Justgiving link at:

(Simply click on Start Fundraising)

For more help, feel free to get in touch with Nicky or Rob on 01462 530710 or email

Don't Forget!

  • To be safe on your challenge and wear appropriate clothing.

  • Feel free to bike, swim or unicycle your 5K’s if you’d prefer to.

  • Send us your photos or stories from your walks. We’d love to hear your route recommendations and see your pictures so that we can  post them up on our social media.

  • OR post them up on your own Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages and tag us in for likes and shares. Visit our website landing page for our social media tags. 

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Kids can take on a personal challenge too!


Visit our March of the Elephants page to find out more.

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